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Custom playing cards are more versatile then most would think. They can be used as gifts by including names, messages, photos and more. Businesses can also use them for marketing purposes by including business, product or ordering information on them and giving them away. They can even be used for weddings, birthdays or any event that is important.

There are many different decisions that need to be made when finalizing the design of custom playing cards. Below are some of the main things to consider when ordering customized online cards บาคาร่า:

The back of the card is also known as the common side. This is the side that looks identical on each card. When customizing this may include a name, a photo or other personalized information. The front of the card is also known as the face side and typically has the suits and numbers of a normal deck of cards, although even this side can be customized.

There are two sizes of cards that can be ordered that most people are familiar with. Bridge cards are 2.25″ x 3.5″ and Poker cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″. Most places can handle custom orders for different sizes of cards. These are not the only types of personalized cards that can be ordered. Many companies customize Pinochle, Go Fish, Old Maid, Rook and many other types of cards for card games.

There are typically three products that custom playing cards can be made from: Casino paper, premium paper and plastic. The type chosen is normally based on personal preference. Many players prefer paper cards because that is what they are used to playing. Plastic cards are longer lasting than paper cards so many prefer to use plastic.

There are also different ways to have cards packaged. The most typical type of packaging is tuck boxes, which are what is typically seen at stores. Another option is to use acrylic boxes which can be hinged or two-piece boxes.

Another option for custom playing cards is to print them at home. There are special kits that have printable perforated cards that can be customized. Unfortunately, because these cards are made from card stock, they may not last as long as other types of cards. There is the option of laminating the cards which will allow them to last longer but they will not be as flexible as normal playing cards. Depending on the printer being used there are sheets of plastic that can be printed on that will allow for a customized card that is more flexible than laminated paper. When designing cards at home it usually requires working with a desktop publishing program in order to get the layout correct.

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