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Are you a carpenter that needs some advertising help? Or a Construction firm that has carpenters or contractors working for you? Then personalised promotional pens and promotional carpenter pencils are the answer. Not only will your contacts take notice, they will enjoy the use of the printed pens and wooden pencils in their everyday business writing ventures. No longer will they forget your business name and who to contact. These promotional pens and carpenter promotional pencils will give your business an edge. Someone is always forgetting to return someone’s pen or pencil, so the printed pen or promotional pencil will get passed along, along with your business name and information. It’s the only time losing a pen or pencil can benefit someone!

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You can have them customised to include your name Southern Highlands Carpenter, business name , business number and or logo. Customised pens or wooden carpenter promotional pencils can be made in any colour to match your business or logo, if you so desire. Hand out promotional wooden or carpenter pencils or personalised pens wherever you go, to sales meetings and potential customers. You can even order them for yourself and use the carpenter pencils on the job when drawing lines and figuring math equations. Give some to your employees to pass along for you. For the price of the promotional pens and carpenter pencils, you won’t have to worry if you leave one behind at the job site! They always come in handy and are very useful.

Have a lot of business customers? Send them your personalised promotional pens or pencils as a gift to place on their desk or place one with some candy in a coffee cup and give it as a gift for the holidays. It will be the gift that keeps on giving and they will never forget who gave it to them. Watch as your business grows. No longer will you have to rely on word of mouth. Your promotional pens and promotional wooden carpenter pencils speak for themselves. It’s an investment that will surely be worthwhile. Personalise them to show off your business today!

Also offer many different promotional items to help your business succeed. Browse through a complete list of printed pens, promotional items, customised pens, business gifts, personalised pens, promotional gifts and promotional products. Also offer express services if needed. There is something for every business and for any occasion. Expect the best. Give promotional pens a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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