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Landscape companies around the country have made it common practice to use riding lawn mowers in their businesses. Riding mowers are also becoming more popular for residential home owners as well. Compared to manual push mowers, riding lawn mowers have made it easier for home owners to take care of their yard. The question is, what are the best riding lawn mowers?

If your lawn is larger than a half-acre, a riding lawn mower would be your optimal choice. When choosing the right riding mower, what you should pay attention to the most is the front cutting deck. The front cutting deck is a covering that houses the cutting blade. The longer the cutting deck drainage in front of retaining wall, the larger the cutting blade. The larger the cutting blade, the greater amount of cut grass. Hence, if you have a huge lawn, then you would want to choose a mower with a longer cutting deck to speed up your cutting time.

It is much quicker to cut your lawn with a riding mower. Riding mowers are also better for those individuals with health issues because there is much less manual labor involved. Riding lawn mowers can also serve other purposes such as being used as a snow plow or a small trailer.

Riding lawn mowers should not be confused with gardening or lawn tractors. The big difference is that riding tractors have cutting decks mounted in the middle rather than the front. Because of this, riding tractors are much less maneuverable.

Electric vs. Gas Powered

Just like automobiles, there are both gas and electrically powered riding lawn mowers. If you purchase an electric mower, you always need to make sure that the battery is fully charged before using. Electric mowers are also quieter and more environmentally friendly. On the negative side, since the mower runs on a battery, there is always the concern that the battery will drain before the job is complete. Price-wise, electric mowers can be quite expensive.

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