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Miami International Airport is considered amongst the busiest airports in the world, it is being operated and managed by the county’s Aviation Department; it was the nation’s third busiest airport in foreign arrivals and departures in 2006, used to handle 14.7 million passengers. Another 17.5 million domestic passengers traveled through the facility in 2006. The county estimates the airport’s annual economic revenue of $19.1 billion, primarily in tourism, international banking and trade, and has a direct or indirect function in creating over than 240,000 local jobs which means that it has created employment opportunities for fairly a large amount of people. The airport is served by more than 80 airlines flying to around 150 destinations. Jose Abreu is the head and Director of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department.

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The airport was opened for flights in 1928 as Pan American Field which is the operating base of Pan American Airways Corporation that is located on the north side of the modern airport property خدمات المطار. After Pan Am acquired the New York, Buenos and Rio Aires Line, it shifted most of its operations and workings to the Dinner Key seaplane base, followed by National Airlines in 1937. In 1945, City of Miami came up with Port Authority and raised bond revenue to buy the airport, which was renamed as 36th Street Airport, from Pan Am. It was combined with an adjoining Army airfield in 1949 and expanded further in 1951. Air Force Reserve troop carrier and rescue squadrons also used to operate from Miami International from 1949 through 1959.

For many years, the airport was a mutual connecting point for passengers traveling from Europe to Latin America. In 2004, Iberia Airlines ended its main operations in Miami, opting instead to run more frequent flights from Spain to Central America. American Airlines, Gulfstream International Airlines, American eagles, TACA International Airlines, sky king airlines and Vision Airlines all continued their regular flights from Miami international airport.

Miami international airport offers various services which makes it feasible for travelers. One of such service includes ATM/banking facility. It’s 100% safe and secure so passengers don’t need to worry about robbery or fraud. Airport comprises of two multimedia-ready auditoriums which can be reserved for meetings or special occasions. One of the most important services which differentiate it from other airports is the facility of currency exchange. Booths are located at different points within terminals. Miami international airport offers a wide range of variety of food and drinking choices which includes snacks, fast food etc. It also has a restaurant at the top which shows amazing and beautiful views and proves to be a great spot to dine in for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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