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Article writing is one of the best long-term strategies you can use to build your credibility as an expert, drive traffic to your business and website, and build a relationship of trust with your clients and prospects.

Following is a quick checklist you can use to write irresistible articles for your target market, so they see you as an expert, and ultimately buy more from you!

1. Establish the Objective of Your Article

Why are you writing it? Or think about what do you want the article to achieve for you? Here are some objectives to consider:

* Drive more people to your website

* Have people pick up the phone and call you

* Encourage people contact you by mail or email

* Have people visit your office or store

* Entice people to request more information from you

* Order a product or service

* Establish your credibility/knowledge about a subject/industry

2. Article Preparation

After you determine your objective about why you are writing an article, you ufabet มือถือ now must come up with ideas about what to write about. Here are places you can look for article ideas:

* Subscribe to other eZines and read articles for inspiration

* Review trade publications

* Look at popular books in your area of expertise and choose a topic

* Ask your clients/subscribers/contacts what topic they want to know more about

* Visit online discussion boards to see what people are discussing

* Sit and think quietly about topics that interest you

3. Write Your Article

Writing an article for your target market is not difficult if you follow a systemized process to ‘get your thoughts down on paper’. Brainstorm and create an outline of the article topic you can write about. Also consider:

* Write articles that are between 500 and 800 words in length

* Have keyword(s) peppered throughout the article text

* Stay away from difficult words (write at a 6th grade level)

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