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The Customized Fat Loss program has steadily gained popularity in the weight loss and fitness world since its release a couple of months back. This is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for Kyle Leon, author of the program, given the fact that most fitness enthusiasts and dieters alike are usually skeptical about newly released diet programs. Like the name suggests, the system was designed around individual nutritional needs that are customized to specific user requirements. This is where most traditional diet plans fail. They simply don’t cater to the users’ individual nutritional needs.

Whereas Customized Fat Loss is a relatively new program to the dieting and fitness scene, Kyle Leon himself is not new. He’s famously credited for leading the way in the field of customized dieting and fitness guides when he released a program called the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer that caters to the unique dietary needs of body builders. So, while his latest creation is relatively new, you can bank on his experience and deep knowledge he has gained in the dieting and fitness realm.

When it comes to dieting and fitness, you want to be reassured that the guide you are using to change your lifestyle and physical appearance is from someone that knows what they are writing about. You certainly don’t want to entrust your fate with a novice. For any skeptics out there, it’s reassuring to know that Kyle Leon’s biotox reviewa Customized fat loss program has already been endorsed by a legion of leading experts in the fitness field as well as nutritionists, doctors, and myself as an Army trained, U.S.Air Force diet therapy specialist. A popular fitness website recently named Customized Fat Loss currently as the number one fat loss system.

Regardless of your current fitness level, Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss program will suit every person’s dieting needs because it is tailored to cut fat based on an individual’s age, current weight, metabolism, body type, and height. At the core of the system is a piece of nutritional software that takes the aforementioned inputs from the user and then outputs a customized nutritional plan for the user based on those attributes and their goals for losing fat. This is what you don’t get with the generic diet programs that have been around for some time now.

Of course, your customized fat loss diet program will change as your attributes change, such as weight and metabolism, and this is just one of the key strengths of the Customized Fat Loss system over most other generic programs. this means that you’ll be able to accurately track your progress and make appropriate changes where necessary. Better still, the user receives many additional benefits with this program, including unique fitness techniques that enable you to lose fat minus cardio.

The Details

Kyle Leon has teamed up with a group of celebrated fitness experts, nutritionists, and body builders, and developed four patented, breakthrough formulas for fat loss in this system. They are based around six body types (somatotypes) that include the following:

Soft Body (Endomorphs) – This body type is unusually soft and tends to accumulate fat. Individuals with this type of body are typically fat and even if their diet plan will help them cut weight, they will find difficulty maintaining their new weight.

The second body type is the “Mesomorphs” and is generally comprised of an even body mass. Individuals with this body type are typically men and normally find it easier to gain muscle. Their shoulders are muscular, as well as the arms and legs, and the

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