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Are you suffering from nail fungus and need to locate accurate information on toenail fungus remedies that are effective? While toenail fungus remedies remedies range from home ideas to natural proven methods that are popular to even expensive anti-fungal drugs, all are focused on making your toenail fungus go away.

No matter what toenail fungus treatment cure you may decide to try, realize that it is considered a chronic condition. The term “chronic” describes problems which cannot be solved in a short time, or which will recur regardless of action. So if you really want a cure, you need to understand that it will take time.

Many well meaning people have posted their individual experiences and remedies for this condition on the Web. The problem is that all anyone has with this information is the posters own statements so we can’t be certain their cure worked completely for them over a longer period of time. This doesn’t mean however that we shouldn’t consider this information only that we don’t have any research evidence to confirm their solution actually worked for them and would work for you.

There are 3 basic groups of treatment options to deal with onychomycosis.

Prescriptions – Available from your podiatrist or medical doctor. These drugs have strong anti-fungal properties. Check with your insurance company as many will NOT cover the cost of these very expensive medications.

Foot soaking in a various chemicals is a favorite of the natural remedy group. A quick check on the Internet revealed nail fungus cure claims by soaking your infected foot several times a day in bleach or Listerine© or even Vinegar. A true natural, naturopathic type solution.

Putting something on the top of the toenail fungus is another favorite. From natural oils to spices right from your spice rack are all fair game for this type of remedy. Be aware that many products Fungus Clear on the market today use the topical treatment and claim because you toenail looks better (due to the top covering) it’s actually GETTING better.

How did you get nail fungus in the first place? The answer is that you probably picked it up from a public shower, locker room, public pool or other public wet area.

Toenail fungus remedies are the same as established medical professional solutions in that they all take time to work. Don’t just assume that because your nail fungus doesn’t look any different that the underlying infection isn’t being destroyed. It will take weeks to grow out new nail material. New nail growth then grows out and replaces the old infected nail.

Many soaking toenail fungus remedies cures may be somewhat effective but few of us can successfully commit an hour or more daily for months. There’s also the question of does any soaking solution actually work? There’s little research and it’s difficult to commit to several soakings daily to cure toe fungus without seeing faster results.

The problem with dealing with a fungal infection is that no matter what treatment you choose, it still takes time. This is because all TREATMENTS THAT ACTUALLY WORK target the fungus infection. By killing the infection your body can then grow new, healthy nail to replace the unsightly, discolored nail material.

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