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Why is online dating so popular today? How can you even ask? Think of the alternatives l聊天室. Well, there’s arranged marriage… I don’t think so. Do you still enjoy using a clever line at a bar? After all, drunken dating is so much fun. And maybe you’re little older and bars just aren’t for you.

Are you sitting home waiting for that friend of yours who’s going to set you up with her cousin once removed? It could be a long wait. And blind dates are usually terrible anyway 香港婚姻介紹所. Some say that the best place to meet a date is in church. How does that work? Do you lean over during the sermon and introduce yourself?

Maybe you think it’s a good idea to meet somebody on the job speed dating 活動. Dating in the workplace is a BAD idea. If it doesn’t work out, you will have to see that person every day for the rest of the time you work there.

These are good reasons to try internet dating but there are more. First of all everybody is doing it. Online dating is the world’s best matchmaker. Statistics tell us that 37 million people visit online dating sites every month. 37 million! Not only that, but these dating sites can manage everyone’s information so that if, say, you love redheads, you can only search for redheads. If you hate pet reptiles, exclude those reptile people. If you want to meet somebody in Florida, search in Florida. Not only that, but online dating gives you the best odds. Out of those 37 million people, half being the right gender for you, there should be somebody. Most people who are involved in internet dating come from higher income, college educated households. They can afford the online fees which really aren’t bad anyway. For what you might have spent at that bar looking, you could join an online dating site for several months.

Not only are there millions and millions of people looking online for love, but all of those people are “daters.” There should be no guesswork and no motives. Those people are saying “I WANT TO MEET SOMEONE.”

Then there’s the comfort angle. You like to sit in front of your computer with a nice cold glass of wine or a beer and check out the profiles. You can sit in your jammies with bed head in front of Dr. Phil on the TV and check out profiles. These people can’t see you.

And you get to know something about your potential date before you meet them. How many times have you walked up to somebody sitting on a bar stool (or how many times has someone come up to you) with your one pathetic line. You don’t know anything about that person. It takes you about five minutes to decide, if you’re a guy, if you’d sleep with them, and if you’re a woman, if he would make a good father to your children. This information is taken from actual studies. How many times have you gotten into a relationship before you really know someone? Online you have some idea if you’ll be compatible right away. If you’re a ballerina, maybe you really do want to meet a cross country trucker. You know if this person has or wants children, if they love the country or the city, if they like NASCAR or art museums.

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