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Have you noticed that losers and liars exist in nearly every type or style of dating situation? Where it is true that online dating sites can possibly attract any number of losers and liars, this being true largely due to the anonymity of the online dating profile, free dating sites have no way to help members to avoid these people. The way that many paid online dating sites have faced this problem, is to institute ways to match people through personality tests, the use of compatibility profiles, and even full on background checks. Yet it really is the responsibility of the online dating site member to keep vigilant as they read through online profiles, communicate with prospective new friends, and evaluate a prospects suitability as long term romantic companion or future partner. As a past online dating site member, I can share the following ways that I learned to keep my eyes open for losers and liars matchmaking services hong kong:

1) The married man or, in my case, married woman who may be seeking extra-marital affairs. Even with personality tests, compatibility matching, and background profiling; most sites allow men or women to list that they are separated. This can often be a red flag that bears the online dater’s full attention. You must discover what if any emotional ties may still exist between the ‘ex’, what kind of ‘baggage’ that person may be carrying in their heart, and to make sure that you ask yourself the all important question: is that prospect really ready to open themselves emotionally to you. In other words, you need to know if the possibility exists that the separated prospect will get back together with their ‘ex 香港交友app‘.

2) Deceptive profile picture, age listing, or body type. When I was dating, I knew that what I would have really preferred to use a ten to fifteen year old picture of myself. I’m sure that if you are dating in your fifties, you know what I am talking about. Yet I realized that my online profile was not a place for deception because the prospective ‘love interest’ I was attempting to meet would likely not view my deception in a good light. My advice is to thoroughly read the prospects profile, here you will find hints that the submitted profile just doesn’t line up with the age of the person that you see in the picture. When you list your body type, it should not be how you see yourself, how you wish you were, or what you will look like after your ‘binge diet plan’. If you have a difficult time expressing your weight honestly, ask a neutral friend to help you with this, I can tell you that many of my friends were more than demonstrative in their description of my true self when I asked them. As a side note, I actually dated a woman who described herself as ‘a few extra pounds” and her picture supported her description. When we met the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a woman who actually had an athletic build, and was a far cuter than the picture she posted. Her deception? She was only six months out of an eighteen year marriage, had a skewed view of herself, and honestly, she should not have been dating yet 識男朋友.

3) Pity trap. Unfortunately 30% of America’s 80 million baby-boomers are single due to the rising divorce and widower rates in our country. This can lead to lot of years of ‘baggage’ and heartbreak. My advice is to get over it, leave it for later in the relationship, or even better? Get counseling. The woman I mentioned that did not seem to ready to be dating, did not seem to know the dating readiness test: Have you given yourself six months for every five years you were together? In other words, a twenty year relationship will need at least four years to heal from. Your ‘baggage’ will not endear you to a relationship partner. Don’t begin dating until you can go out and have fun without speaking about the ‘ex’.

4) Hunters or Sexual Predators are everywhere, if your online contact even hints at having sexual relations before even your first meeting, tell the loser to go away. Naturally sex is a personal matter between two consenting individuals, so if it is mutual and even on the first date, go for it.

Although online dating can attract any number of losers and liars, finding the right partner can be very rewarding if you go into it knowing what to look for. Keep your eyes open for your red flags and just go out and make friends. With an estimated 844 online dating sites available on the internet, a positive dating experience can be yours when you are ready to take the plunge.

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