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Have you noticed the growing number of sex-enhancement commercials during prime time television? These ads tend to feature middle-age parents buying their kids soundproof headphones, or turning up the volume on their kid’s stereo or tricking their kids into believing that they have a later curfew time. These commercials are supposed to be featuring prescription medications for treating erectile dysfunction. However the advertisers know that their customers are more attracted to the potential of enhancing their sex life. The subtle message behind the ads is always the same. The parents need a couple of hours of alone time because dad popped a little magic lovemaking pill. The advertisers are getting a good bang for their buck. The sale of male enhancement pills has skyrocketed and the search to find the female version has intensified. Imagine how much money and resources that has been invested in the research and development of artificial sexual enhancement for both sexes. Our busy society has become too dependent on the “fast food” diet, “instant messaging”, and “pop-a-pill sex”. Perhaps we need to slow down and think about what kind of example we are setting for the next generation. We should not be surprised, when our young adults are posting and tweeting about ecstasy and friends with benefits.

What are we are teaching our curious kids about sex and relationships?

The story about the “birds and the bees” might have to be edited to include an artificial enhancement chapter. We are now telling our kids and ourselves that the natural form of sex is no longer satisfying for expecting lovers. I have not taken the little blue pill before, but I have tried a naturally based product that produced a similar reaction literotica. I had planned the perfect romantic evening for my wife. I set the mood with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a nice candlelit dinner, and a bubble bath. I really wanted to impress her and please her, so I decided to pop an instant male enhancing supplement. She loved the romantic gestures and she could sense my eagerness to please her. We slipped into the warm inviting water and right on cue, I stood at attention. At first, I think my wife was impressed with my full-bodied love skills, but I learned that too much of a good thing can be annoying. Perhaps I should have read the fine print on the bottle. My wife’s feeling of pleasure soon turned to boredom and eventually to soreness. She drifted off to a much-deserved sleep, while I wandered around the house for two lonely hours bumping into things. It was a painful experience and a valuable lesson in the benefits of love.

Love is the best sexual enhancement product

There are many side effects and health risks related to taking erectile dysfunction medications. Some of the side effects include, upset stomach, headaches, low blood pressure, facial flushing, blurred vision, dizziness, fainting, and heart failure. Unless a patient has a medical condition requiring this medication, why would someone repeatedly take the risk? The attraction to sexual gratification must be strong because more and more customers are popping these prescription pills. If I was a doctor, I would prescribe more love to enhance the sex in relationships. This softer approach lasts longer and the side effects include silly grins, happy feelings, harmonious relationships, and stronger families. The natural ingredients of the love pill include kindness, caring, communication, laughter, tenderness, and intimacy. There is no risk of overdosing; in fact the more love pills you pop, the more love you will experience. Your sex life will become mutually gratifying, stimulating, and satisfying. Be aware that the love pills can become addictive and contagious. Your curious family and friends will be searching your medical cabinet for the secret prescription. However, they will be proud of you and the advertisers will be disappointed when they discover that love is readily available to everyone.

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