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Today, more and more people are going for surgery abroad. People opt to have their surgeries performed abroad rather than in their own countries. Most of these people, or medical tourists as they are called, are from first world countries like US and UK yet they cross borders just for their surgery. Their common destinations are Brazil, Bolivia, India, Malaysia, and Argentina.

Getting in Shape for Surgery

But why do these people choose to have their surgery abroad?
It comes cheap

Health care, including surgeries, in first world countries are very expensive. A simple surgical procedure can run up to $1000 or more. One attraction for surgery abroad is the cheaper surgery. Any surgical procedure – whether medical or aesthetic in nature – done abroad is cheaper by at least 70%. Also, the overall fee for the surgery abroad (more often than not) already includes air fare, hotel accommodation, transportation, and post operative consultations. You are taken care of literally from the moment you arrive until the last day of your expected recovery period. This is just a good deal however you look at it ophtalmologues Courbevoie.

It is convenient

Surgeries abroad are often elective in nature. This means the surgeries are not considered a medical emergency. The operation can be scheduled and performed at a later time. In other countries, the surgery can be scheduled at the client’s and surgeon’s convenience. However, in countries like US and Canada, that is not the case. Elective surgeries in the said countries have a waiting period of at least 6 to 9 weeks. This is a dilemma to a lot of people who want to have their surgeries immediately. Thus, many opt to have surgery abroad instead. That way, they can schedule their operations at their convenience. It saves a lot of time and the trip can double as a vacation too.

The Surgical Procedures

Another dilemma for medical tourists in their home countries is that some insurance companies do not cover orthopedic surgery. People approaching their sunset years often have surgeries like hip and / or knee replacement. Also, some insurance companies pose restrictions on their clients in terms of the hospital where the procedure is to be performed, the surgeon, type of prosthetics, etc. Thus, people go abroad for their surgery. It is cheaper, they can afford it without the insurance, and they can have their choice in surgeons and prosthetics / implants needed.

These are just some of the reasons why plastic surgery abroad, or any health care service abroad is just wonderful. This medical tourism is a unique way to promote one’s country. It is able to provide jobs to thousands of health workers. It increases hotel and air fare revenues. It is an industry that is growing year by year.

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