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Validating your online profile and photo can happen several different ways. This article will explain the most common ways from free to costly for a member.

After a member uploads their profile and photo, a random unique code is assigned and emailed to the member. The member places that code on a piece of paper and takes a photo with that number appearing in the photo相親網站.

2 photos are now uploaded. An expert of visual profiling examines those 2 photos looking for a random unique code and confirms that person is who uploaded their photo 相親.

Next are the bonds of social media. There are some sites that when a member signs into Facebook as an example, all their profiles are merged into one quick moment of the probability that person is who they say they are. There are those that believe social media is the most reliable source. There are others that can go online to automated background checks, for around $100 – $150, anyone can search background checks on another person speed dating.

There are free services that will perform background checks. First, test it completely on yourself. Then search using search engines and social networks. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are a great start to find out valuable information from someone providing you know their name.

Moving up the scale of additional security is by recording a 15-second video from your online dating profile page. This also assures a member looks now what they look like in their video profile. Some sites offer mobile uploading of photos, pictures and data.

Mobile location apps add to the complexity of validating a member’s profile and photo. When a member turns on the mobile location app, any search requests will show which location that member is in, providing their phone is on. A Premium service would allow for only members who had background checks performed by online services would be allowed to have their location known. This premium service is sold as monthly apps. A member can turn the app on, or turn it off during their subscription is valid. Apps range in price from $1.00 per month to $15.00 per month, depending on the levels of functionality.

The cost to a member can range from $25 to $175 depending on the length of the video and if only premium members can view the video.

Finally, validating an online dating profile and photo can be done by hiring a live interviewer to personally meet a member for a cup of coffee. Drivers license, proof of profile address can be confirmed. Physical description can also be confirmed. Lastly, a brief questionnaire to determine willingness and commitment to find a mate. That service can range from $99 to $250 per validation.

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