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If you want to see a new way to view videos on the internet, then look no further than the Opo A53 screen. The Opo A53 is equipped with two super thin, curved glass panels that sit smack on your laptop or tablet. These unobtrusive panels offer you a clear viewing path for whatever you are viewing, whether it be your favorite sports game with a high-definition movie, or your everyday camera snaps. With an ultra fast 90-Hz refresh rate, you’ll never lag again and can view videos, play sports games, and keep up to date with the hottest trending hashtags on the net.

OPPO A53 - Faster and Smoother, Feel The Speed | OPPO Pakistan

Key Features The Oppo A53 has all of the technology you would expect from an Android smartphone. It comes standard with a large, fully-articulated, high definition screen, complemented by a high density, luminous display, the type-c. The dual screen allows the user to conveniently switch between the two screens, as well as to flip their smartphone between the two screens for power saving. The proximity sensor, which is just like what you would find on most modern smartphones, works along the same lines, by detecting when the device is within a certain range of it, such as when you are standing close to it Oppo a53.

Video Recording While the front camera on the Oppo A53 is capable of recording video, it isn’t something that is particularly noteworthy. There are however, two other great options with this handset. The first of which is the ability to record up to two hundred hours of movies. This is accomplished via the built in card reader, but you can also connect your smartphone to your computer and stream the movies directly from your PC to your television. The second major feature is the dual-tone LCD bright flash, which lights up the camera lens for high nighttime quality shots.

Connectivity While the A53 comes standard with GSM connectivity, other connectivity options include Bluetooth and HSDPA (High Speed Data), both of which are perfect for getting content from your smartphone to another smartphone. You can also get wireless access to the internet using GPRS technology, though this option can prove a little bit troublesome if you have a wireless contract with your current carrier. If you are interested in staying away from these contracts and staying with your current carrier, then you can find additional connections such as aHSETP (High Speed Digital Phone Integration), CDMA, EV-DO (Digital Video Code) support, and UMTS.

Battery Life The battery life on the Oppo A53 is good for a mid-range smartphone. With a larger battery, you should be able to get through a full day with no problems. However, if you are one of those people who are fond of sending and receiving multiple photos, streaming music, downloading and uploading media, playing videos, streaming games, taking pictures, and so on, the battery life might suffer. In my opinion, the higher rated smartphones on the market today are packed with high-end features that deliver excellent battery life. For example, the iPhone and Nokia E71 have the ability to share images, videos, and text with other devices at the same time, so you should definitely consider purchasing one of these phones if you value your portability.

Price And Value While the Oppo A53 is priced reasonably, it does not live up to expectations in terms of value. At $250, it is one of the most expensive mid-range smartphones available in the U.S. market. Fortunately, however, there are many sites where you can get this phone, and for around the same price, you can get an iPhone or another popular smartphone. In my opinion, however, the A53 is still best suited for individuals who need more out of their smartphone. It offers features that are mediocre when it comes to value and quality, but which you won’t find in high-priced smartphones from top manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung.

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