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Some people experience vision loss or deteriorating eyesight and are trying to figure out what supplements they need to have in their diet to keep their vision clear and to make sure that their eyes are being the right nutrients to work at their best.

This article will share with you what those nutrients are as well as what foods you can them. Now it is not recommended that you try to stuff yourself with these foods because it would cost a lot of money to do that but also more importantly, you would have to eat tons of these food sources in order to get the minimum requirement for your eyes as a whole.

This is just meant to be educational in purpose. Your best bet would be to find supplements that are made specially for the eyes. The reason being that supplements are more potent with the nutrients your eyes need, are cheaper and you only have to take a pill as opposed to gobbling down pounds of food. It is just much more effective.

With that said, here is a short list of ten of the most vital and essential vitamins for eyesight as well as nutrients, minerals or herbs for eyesight that contribute to nurturing your eyes’ overall health. Next to each nutrient or vitamin are different sources of “foods for good eyesight” By the way, this list is not necessarily in the order Visiclear of most important to least important.

#1 Nutrient – Chromium – This is found in bananas, apples, spinach, liver and oysters.

#2 Nutrient – Lutein – This is found in papayas, squash and leafy greens.

#3 Nutrient – Bilberry – This is found in billberry fruits.

#4 Nutrient – Eyebright – This is found in Euphrasia/ Eyebright herbs.

#5 Nutrient – Rutin – This is found in citrus fruits and green teas.

#6 Nutrient – Vitamin A – This is found in green, yellow and orange or any bright colored fruits and vegetables eg. carrots, mangoes, cantalope.

#7 Nutrient – Vitamin C – This is found in strawberries, sweet and chilli peppers and broccoli.

#8 Nutrient – Zinc – This is found in red meat and poultry.

#9 Nutrient – Vitamin E – This is found in spinach, avocados and collard greens.

#10 Nutrient – Selenium – This is found in fish, grains, eggs, liver and garlic.

There you have your list of vitamins for eyesight including minerals and other elements that contribute to healthier eyes.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to find supplements that are made specially for the overall health of your eyes that have all the nutrients your eyes need.

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