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Massage refers to subjecting the body to various processes and techniques for mental and physical relaxation. There are various kinds of massages. World over, massage has been employed by communities in countries to provide individuals the much needed relief from the daily grind. It is suggested that an individual take massage therapy at least once every three months to revitalize the body.

The massage therapy is given by a person who has experience in various aspects of this ancient tradition. These days, there are institutes to certify people with massaging skills. The personnel who provide massage are called masseur. The profession of the masseur is one of the most emerging fields all over the world. The demand for masseurs in the leisure and tourism industry is always high Asian Massage new york.

There are various kinds of massage depending on their origin. Massage is basically a practice in the orient region and the Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, China and most of the South East Asian nations. It has been proved scientifically that massage can revitalize the human body. There are various processes and techniques within the massage.

For instance, the Thai massage lays lot of emphasis on herbs and flowers. Extracts from the flowers and herbs are applied to the body and massaged. This is called aroma massage. It is one of the most popular massages that falls under the oriental massage category. The massage duration lasts for close to ninety minutes and has been found to providing a lot of relief. It is better if the entire human body, starting from head to toes, is given a relaxing massage. The physical parameters of the human body are also set to improve after the massage. They include the blood pressure, the metabolic rate, the perspiration and the respiration. It has also been found that a good massage will reduce the fatigue of a human body. If the massage includes aroma therapy, it is good for the human body since the exposure or herbs and flower extracts acts well on the skin and the body. Therefore, many people, these days, prefer the aroma oriental massage.

Sri Lanka offers another oriental message that includes lot of local herbs and oils. It has been found that applying medicinal oil to human body and head during massage does a lot of positive changes to the body. For instance, oil is supposed to enrich hair growth. It has also provides relief to the eyes if the hair on the head is drenched with oil. The Sri Lankan massage is so famous that people go on trips to the island nation to experience the unique exercise.

The oriental massage offered in India lays a lot of stress on herbs and ingredients of Ayurveda, a traditional medicinal practice in the country. The masseur applies various types of oils to the human body and gives a relaxing massage. It is followed with a steam bath that takes out the tiredness in the human body. The muscles are also massaged in the process.

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