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Whether you are totally obsessed with keeping your teeth healthy and clean, or whether you want a fast and easy way to do so, an electric toothbrush is always a great choice. Indeed, a good electric toothbrush can make the action of brushing much more efficient and enjoyable. And unlike many believe, there are models for all budgets.

Best electric toothbrushes in 2021: The top picks in the UK

How much you spend on an electric toothbrush will often depend on what you expect from it. If you want something that simply replace the motion of brushing, you can pay as little as $20. However, if you are interested in a high-end model, that will provide a superior brushing, for an after dentist feeling, you may be looking for over $150.

In addition to the cost of the device, you should take in account the cost of the brush head, the part that needs to be replace every 3 months of so electric toothbrush review. Yes, just like for regular toothbrushes, you will need to replace the brush on a regular basis, in order to maximize the results.

Also, best it is to choose a device that is rechargeable over one that works with batteries. The reason is that, on the long run, you may be spending much more money on batteries than on the brush itself.

Why the different cost in models? For many reasons. Some cheaper models barely replace the manual motion of brushing. They are electric yes, but do not offer an optimal brushing compared to higher end models. Also, the more features you want (timer, floss action, battery indicator, sanitizer, etc), the more you will pay for your model.

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