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For retailers, the need to keep premises and stock safely under a watchful eye makes the investment in a reliable CCTV security system a necessity, not a luxury. But, there are a number of facets that need to be taken into account when making that investment, from the CCTV cameras purchased to other components that can affect the efficiency and reliability of the system overall.

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It is possible to get everything necessary in one package, thanks to the range of CCTV kits that are available. Often, these kits are perfect for the needs of a small retailer. However, it is always beneficial to look at the alternatives, speak to expert security system providers and generally get an understanding of the relative issues. That is why we have listed two key factors that are worth careful consideration.

The most obvious CCTV security equipment issue is the type of camera to install. There is no shortage of different styles to choose from, from the traditional block shaped camera with protruding lens to the more subtle domed camera that can go almost unnoticed in a corner. However, style is one thing and capability is another. The three most common choices of camera are mono, colour and ip cameras. The mono camera is a basic black and white camera. The modern models do offer far better images that those of their predecessors, but a lack of colour can be a problem in some situations. Unsurprisingly then, colour is a popular option, providing crisp imaging that makes subject recognition easier CCTV Camera.

Given the internet age that we live in, ip cameras have grown much more popular in recent years. These allow images to be sent over the internet directly, in the same way that webcams do. However, the crucial difference is that ip cameras are built for security surveillance purposes, and are much more durable and longer lasting. These cameras also have an inbuilt recording facility, so images can be uploaded directly without the need of a recorder, and can also be transferred onto USB sticks and SD cards with ease. However, that is not to say that recorder is not still necessary. In fact, they are the second chief concern for retailers to consider. Today, the digital video recorder, more commonly known as simply DVRs, are the most common method of recording video surveillance footage. Their great advantage is that the image quality is far greater than it was with the older analogue recorders. They also feature a range of capabilities that the older systems could never offer, such as detailed close ups on recorded images, which should not be confused with a camera zooming in while recording.

DVRs also accommodate a lot more cameras than the older systems, with images from as many as 64 cameras being recorded and stored. However, most of these digital recorders are not actually wireless, which means that cameras need to be sited close to the DVR and connected directly to it by cable. For a small retail shop, this provides no great problem, since every camera will be in close proximity to the recorder anyway, but for larger businesses, this could be a problem. The best alternative to a DVR is an NVR, otherwise known as a network video recorder CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh.

The main difference between them is that numerous ip cameras can be used with NVRs, meaning their images can be received from the other side of the world. Images are available in high definition, while operational aspects such as an image search, a simple four step set up and convenient image transfers makes NVRs much easier to use. In any security system, there is an array of equipment required. The secret is to identify what is actually necessary before going out to buy security system or CCTV kits, or individual system components. Clearly, the most essential part of a CCTV security system are the CCTV cameras themselves, making them the starting point for any investment considerations. However, it is worth noting that there is more CCTV security equipment to consider, such as the digital or network video recorders, the number of cameras and technology they require to make them completely effective.

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