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Natural stone has been used by people from the Stone Age to present times for decorative purposes. This extremely tough, beautiful and abundant material is used by jewelers for making necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches and other adornments. The abundance of a variety of stones makes this a very popular choice for jewelry makers. Because of its beauty and versatility, natural stones are widely used in home accessories. But while natural stones can be used to make ornamental items, these stones may not necessarily be suitable for wearing during sports and exercise because of their coarse and smooth surfaces.

For these reasons, many manufacturers have now turned to synthetic materials that may be used as alternatives for stone bracelets. Synthetic stone materials may consist of acrylic and stainless steel materials. In some cases, you may even find them combined with other materials such as plastic and rubber. Bracelets made from these synthetic materials are just as appealing and durable as those made from natural stones.

These stones, especially those that come in the form of acrylic and stainless steel, may also have varying degrees of hardness. While natural stones can be more or less flexible, synthetic stones may have a high degree of hardness which makes them less comfortable to wear. Because of this, it would be wise to consider the level of comfort when choosing which stone bracelets to wear pulseras de piedras naturales. Though both types of stone can give you the look and appearance you want, it may be better to choose a more pliable synthetic stone bracelet over a harder natural stone one.

Another downside to synthetic stone bracelets is that they are more prone to scratches. Since these stones are more slippery than natural stones, they can slip easily off your wrist. You also have to be careful of these stones because they can scratch up your cell phone, pocket or any other valuable text-pad, electronics, keys and so on. Though there are several products that can help you prevent the damage caused by these stones, you still have to take extra precaution as these are not impenetrable. Thus, you have to keep in mind that there is a limit to what these bracelets can protect you from.

Aside from wearing protective bracelets to prevent them from scratches, you also have to take special care of natural stones. Since these stones are sensitive to extreme temperatures, you have to take extra precaution when taking them off. Never leave them at room temperature. Keep them in a jewelry box lined with silk cloth and wrap them in a cloth bag. If you decide to wear your jewelry while swimming, make sure that you don’t expose them to seawater as well because they can lose their colors.

In addition, you have to take special care of your natural stone bracelets if you decide to use a special treatment. Heat treatments will make the color of your bracelet fade. You can also expose them to salt water for a long period of time as this can also affect the brightness of the stone. So if you want to maintain its quality and keep it looking elegant, you have to be extra careful with it. In this manner, you can keep your bracelet looking new and beautiful for years.

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