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What does Jack Mason do? Well, he is the star of the hit TV show, The Firm, and he plays a lawyer called Johnathon Banks. He used to be in charge of the firm’s PR, but he was forced out after an unfortunate turn of events. Now he runs a firm of his own and helps people obtain the compensation they deserve for accidents they’ve been involved in.

The Firm became popular with audiences across the globe, even though it only aired for one season on FX. It has since gone back to syndication and has picked up a number of Emmys and awards, as well as being on the short list of best-selling book lists. Jack Mason must be doing something right if he’s earning these accolades, and he has a number of theories as to why What does Jack Mason do?.

Firstly, he is the perfect character for a legal firm. As the firm’s owner, he seems to know every angle of the law, and he is often shown making wry observations. This is a part of his charm, as well as his firm’s lack of any sleaze or Machiavellian schemes. He is very straight forward and honest – you can tell that he’s not going to hold back a bit, which is important for an attorney. Also, he doesn’t have many secrets, as he tends to keep them to himself (most of the time), making him more believable.

Then we have his character’s past. Jack Mason was in fact orphaned at a very young age, and he was sexually abused as a child. He ran away from home and was found by the authorities, who put him in rehabilitation. This changed his life, as he grew into a man called Johnny Mason, and he devoted his whole life to helping those who were less fortunate than he was. In the series, we see his determination to help people in need, and we see how he changes into this much-ballyhooed lawyer. The audience will also see how much he loves his family.

So, we’ve established that we know what Jack Mason does. So – now what does jack Mason’s character do? The answer lies in what he wants to do. As you’ll notice in the first few episodes, he is very focused on getting the case of a man wronged by someone he feels is owed something in compensation. He will go to great lengths to find the right person, and he even makes ridiculous efforts to get the case dismissed or thrown out, just so he can keep his job.

However, we also see that the character has some dreams of change. He wants to be rich, powerful and famous – but of course, he realizes that it’s not quite that easy. He wants to be good to his family, to be a good husband and father, but he also has dreams of changing his destiny for the better and starting something new in his life. He may have a few obstacles along the way, but he always seems to overcome them head on, and in the end, he has a family to protect and a new place in which to live.

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