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So many ways. I just created my own Vision board, and let me tell you, it makes things SO much easier! OH MY! You have NO idea. I is an INTEGRAL part of this process, that I hope, by the end of this article, not only will you understand, but will be racing out to cut and paste all night. (by the way, it took me til 4AM to finish mine…couldn’t stop…the FIIRE!)

Ok, so how to keep the Vision is what I am going to bang down your throats today. Not really, but you know me by now….just my little quirky sense of humor. There I go again, assuming I’m funny. Well, let’s just get to it. The Vision that is in your head, now and again, about those THING you want so bad. Happiness. Money. That HUGE house. The Astin-Martin Convertible (sorry…that is one of mine I am trying to keep in my conscious vision….hee hee) But seriously, whatever YOUR vision is, probably comes and goes.

If you’re like most of us, you have the vision that comes and goes and just won’t seem to STAY in those moments where you could really use it. There is a reason for that, and there are ways to avoid it. That is what you are about to read, and I think you will like it. We’ll see….

Our minds function in a very interesting way, when we are thinking of things we would like to have. There area few things that happen, including a release of endorphins, that make us feel better, or ‘high’. There is the association of good feelings with parts of the dream you have about your future life. There is also the experience of comfort we get when we dream about vacations with our loved ones and such. Not the vacation we TOOK, but the vacation we WANT to take. You know that feeling of the warm breeze washing off of the ocean as the waves lap up onto your toes, covered with the white sand of the beach you are resting on. Ahh…..yes.

Well, these are feelings we have that ARE a vision. That is just the bottom line, the VISION is there, and we can see And feel it. The problem is that generally, right after that vision arrives, something happens to STOP it. Oh, I don’t know, something like the KIDS, barging in to demand ‘field trip’ money, or the Wife, entering the room to announce the necessity for a dishwasher repair man who WILL cost an arm and a leg.

Any one of these and a million other moments are JUST those that DERAIL our vision. HOW SAD! But, that is why I am here writing this now. That vision you had, CAN be maintained, but you must know HOW, and before that, you must know WHY it is so important.

That vision you had, is what keeps you happy, and MOVING FORWARD. It is, even though you may not see it directly. That Vision you had was IN your head for a reason, and that reason was to keep you aligned with what you want. IT IS YOUR DREAM, and you must keep YOUR dream in your head. It is Vision 20 reviews the tool that lets you SEE what you are aiming for in life. If you don’t have any – GET A DREAM NOW! Most of us do, and even those of you that THINK you don’t, you simply have been taken over by the Vision Killers. Those moment I described earlier, and beyond that, you have just resigned yourself to NOT WORK to change yourself, and AIM towards your dreams. You have been pushed away from your own dreams – by YOURSELF.

Yes, I know I explained that OTHERS come along and derail YOUR moment, but you are actually the one in control. YOU are the one that can KEEP that Vision, and there IS a process to do that. I just want to make sure you get that KEEPING that vision, will KEEP you aligned WITH what you want.

In The Secret Movie, we learned that ‘Thoughts Become Things’ If that is the case, then on BOTH sides of the ‘thought coin’, your thoughts WILL become THINGS. That means that if you are DREAMING about that vacation, you are more likely to do what it takes to GET there. If you are allowing those Vision Killing Moments to SOTP you from having the Vision, you are manifesting the ABSENCE of those Visions becoming realities.

You are the controller of YOUR experience, and those Visions are the guiding light. YOU MUST hold onto them, and to do that, you must learn to CONTROL the outside elements that become your Vision Killers.

It is not just that easy, but believe that there are more specific references in my Book. The bottom line here, you must CATCH yourself when you are being pulled OUT of your Vision state, and HOLD ONTO IT. Even in those moment where your children have entered the room, requested the last bit of cash you have in your pocket, reminding you that ‘getting lunch tomorrow’ won’t be as easy….YOU CAN STILL HOLD ONTO THE VISION.

In this moment, you must HEAR what is being said to you, about the Field Trip money request. And as SOON as you have processed and addressed that, you must DEMAND that your mind bring that vision back. Remember it. Feel it again. LIVE in that moment. Some people call it ‘daydreaming’, and if that is what you would like to consider it, GO AHEAD. Whatever you call it, ONCE that Child moment is over, YOU MUST THEN TAKE THE PROACTIVE STEP TO BRING THE VISION BACK.

Tell yourself, I want to remember exactly where I was ‘on that beach’ or ‘in my new house’ or ‘playing with my new clubs’. Whatever it is that you are having a Vision about, you must COMMAND your mind to give it back to you. Equally important, is to start setting FLAGS on those moment when the kids come and derail your progress in your Vision. You must set Stop Points on those moments where you hear that you are going to have to break yourself to repair the dishwasher, that you KNOW, if you DON’T repair, will cause TONS more drama in the house. You know you have to do it, so resolve that it must be done, and then DEMAND that your dream come back. Once you have completed the ‘tangible’ process, you must get back to the IN-tangible, and don’t do it passively – DO IT DEMANDINGLY.

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