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So your a Christian looking for a job. As a Christian you may feel that any type of job is not for you. You may feel that it shouldn’t violate your faith or what you believe. So you post your application in a Christian job post, hoping the right job comes along. Because as far as your concerned a Christian job post should have the right kind of jobs for Christians.

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So now its back to that full time 8-4 or 9-5 job trying to make a living. Working hard while trying to take care of that family of yours. 40 hrs a week (If available) of hard work. But what many people fail to realize is that WORK doesn’t have to be hard. And first, you don’t really need to post your resume on a christian job post if its additional income your trying to make job posting.

Today many people are quitting there 9-5 jobs because they can. how? well they have started a home based business. A Christian home based business has set many people free from the trap of a J.O.B. Its hard to financially get ahead in life if you spend all of your time making someone else rich (the BOSS).

Why not take that time and energy to make yourself wealthy while getting paid for it. And a Christian home based business can do that, not a Christian job post site.

Don’t miss understand. Its good to post your resume in a Christian job post site if your looking to do something that you really love, like minister or playing music for a church etc. but if your doing so for income, a Christian home based business is your answer.

While your making money with you business you still can be in the ministry preaching and or playing music. and the best part about it is you’ll actually have time. Because you don’t need to spend all your day working like a traditional business. Just a few hrs a day making a full time income is possible.

So a Christian job post site, who needs it when a Christian home based business can provide that income for you working part time…if that’s what your looking for.

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