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Talking about jewelry, many would immediately think of jewelry for women only. And even in the eyes of some people, they would think awkward when seeing a man with jewelry. Well, of course it is a mistaken idea. Since everyone loves beauty, and man’s appreciation of jewelry is no less than women’s. That is also the reason why many famous brands design jewelry for men.

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Although in daily life, many men still do not wear any jewelry. But it does not mean that they are not in fond of jewelry. In fact, many men as well as women have little concern about it, they even have wrong attitude towards men’s jewellery.

Compared with jewelry for women, men’s jewellery is much simpler, plainer and often lacking in alteration. So some people would doubt whether jewelry for men is just bigger, thicker, and simpler than women’s? In fact, the categories of men’s jewelry are richer than women’s. Generally speaking, women’s jewelry includes necklace, bracelet, ring and earring. While for men, apart from these traditional types, there are still stickpin, cuff link and belt buckle. And each piece will add a different feeling to masculine. In the following I would like to discuss in detail about men’s jewellery jewelry for women.

Necklace and bracelet

Necklace and bracelet are quite common and suitable for men in many occasions. The style of men’s necklace is bold and rough, with thick feeling and plain design. And the material of silver and steel becomes quite popular nowadays, while the shining and thick gold necklace has fade out fashion stage.


Men’s rings are in simple design, but with uniqueness and creation. With the wider surface, the rings could be added with various designs. And in recent years many people start to prefer engraving words, such as names, blessing, etc. on jewelry. And many famous brands take Tiffany for instance boost their unique jewelry with engraving for lovers.


It is common for male stars to wear earrings, adding more attraction to them. For instance, Beckham often appears with his favorite large diamond earrings in match. Walking in the street, you will find many fashionable men wear trendy earrings. Earring for men is usually in simple design and abstract figures, embedding on the ears.

Tie clip

For business men, the unchangeable suit with tie is often the most common dress, which would inevitably bring a feeling of boring. And if you have exquisite tie clip, your dress would become much fresher. The tie clip is also varied in colors, designs and materials. Only with suitable match could the tie and stickpin reinforce each other.

Cuff link

A tiny cuff link could perfectly reveal a man’s concern of dress. Referring to cuff links, I am convinced that the name of Links of London would jump into your mind.¬†Links of London¬†started from presenting silver fish type cuff links to his guest in a restaurant, and nowadays has become a renowned jewelry brand around the world. The designs of cuff links are diverse, with different shapes, including square, round and diamond-shaped. Some brands even release animal like cuff links to attract more attention from men.

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