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For those looking for a relaxing, luxurious spa experience, visit Salon De Esprit in Miami. Established in 1998, the salon offers various treatments including facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, among other services. It is one of the most popular spas in the area. The ambience is calm and peaceful, with soothing music and a friendly, attentive staff. Here, relaxation comes first; you’ll have fun and forget about the stresses of daily life.

Facials are very popular, particularly the “Lavender Blast” and “Hue Moi Blast”. Lavender is the fragrance of choice, with its sensuous blend of floral and spice aromas. With this fragrance come the warm sensation of your skin as it is fragranced by the warm rays of the light bulbs. This treatment lasts up to fifteen minutes, so be sure to schedule an appointment to have your hands and feet pampered. With a facial, you can have a delicious meal or treat your skin any way you choose to.

manicures and pedicures also receive rave reviews. manicure: the long, slender brush strokes create long, soft fur and the effect are breath-taking. Your nails will be glistening with the attention to detail that goes into each and every manicure. Pedicure: the pedicure is simply getting the polish and conditioner to your nails and the results are beautiful. Pedicures are available at both appointments and on-site. There are many different types of pedicures including the famous “toenail painting” which has become very popular in Miami.

Spa packages are becoming more popular as the seasons change The “seasonal package” includes your initial appointment for a minimum of four hours and then additional times during the season. The package entitles you to unlimited treatments, but the price varies depending on the service you need. The “all-inclusive package” includes your initial visit, as well as subsequent visits throughout the season. It costs less than the individual appointments and can fit into any budget.

While you’re there you might want to have a little extra relaxation time. Visit a beauty salon where you can lay back, take a deep breath, and let loose. You’ll feel invigorated and renewed after a relaxing time at one. Many spas offer aromatherapy, music, or massages for your pleasure.

Esprit’s location makes it convenient for visitors. The location is conveniently close to the Fashion District and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Tourists often take advantage of the de-stressing benefits offered at Esprit. Because the building is open twenty-four hours a day, people can come in and out as they please.

Aesthetics matter at Esprit. Haircuts, color, highlights…all are carefully considered and executed by highly trained professionals. Women come in and leave with a fresh and new look. The stylists at Esprit are happy to talk with clients about color, hair cuts, highlights, and styles. They know what looks good on everyone. When you walk through the doors, you are immediately greeted with an upbeat ambiance.

People go to Esprit for its luxurious treatment options. There is an on-site salon de relaxation for those who want to pamper themselves. After a long day, unwind with a massage and indulgent aromatherapy. Many visitors make the spa visit a short one because they are impressed with the quality of the services and the relaxed ambiance. Anyone visiting Seattle should stop by the salon de esprit to experience the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of this popular attraction.

The ambiance is unlike any other in Seattle. Visitors get the feeling that they have stepped into another time zone. Everything that happens at this establishment exudes luxury and class. You feel like royalty when you step foot onto the premises. Each individual treatment is like a unique piece of art. As you receive your treatments, feel free to take a peek around and admire all the beautiful artwork on display.

As you relax and enjoy a delicious meal, remember the treatment that you just received. You will quickly realize how much you love this place. Spa guests who visit Esprit so often find it to be a favorite, especially those who are staying for a wedding or other special occasion.

If you are looking for beauty and relaxation, Esprit’s a great choice. This establishment is popular with both men and women. The atmosphere is fun and laid back. You can spend many relaxing days at the spa while being pampered by the staff at the beauty shop.

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