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Here are 3 very easy ways to start getting comped on your next trip to the casino.

Tip #1 Get Carded – The very first step is to sign up for a players card. Players cards keep track of your play on machines and at the tables. If you play slots there is a spot to swipe or insert your card (just make sure your card is accepted and make sure you insert or swipe it before putting money into the machine). If you play tables, give your card to the dealer or floor person and ask them to rate your play. Players cards are free and all you need to do is go to the players club representative (usually by the casino cage) and give them your id and presto you are ready to rock.

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Tip #2 Choose Wisely – Decide which casino you want to play at and then concentrate all your play there. It is very difficult to earn anything when you hop from casino to casino. Unless you are playing for big bucks jumping around to different properties will not add up quick enough for you to enjoy any real comps. So find one (usually the one you are staying at will be the best choice for you to see real perks) and stick to it superslot.

Tip #3 The Long Haul – The biggest misconception people have concerning comps in casinos is they are not going to be high rollers so it is not worth signing up for a players card. People do not realize that casinos rate your play based on two terms. First is how much of your money you are playing, although playing back money won is a factor casinos care more about how much of your cash you put into action. Second is length of play, playing smaller amounts for a longer period of time will definitely add up to free stuff for you.

So it would be wise to take advantage of the comps available by signing up for a card, playing at one casino, and playing smaller for longer. These quick tips allow you take advantage of great offers and give you amazing added value to your casino trip.

Bryan Fulton has been featured on the Travel Channel’s Vegas Dealers II in which he is seen demonstrating various dealing techniques. He has been called upon to train many of the new hires that casinos bring up through the ranks internally. Bryan Fulton has personally coached thousands of customers on effective playing strategies as well as his secret winning strategies.

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