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Electric Garage Door Opener controls the force your door exerts and the range of distance as your door opens or closes. It is, therefore, responsible for ensuring the safety of your property as well as the people who are using it on a daily basis. Any manufactured item may have its imperfection or downside. This is why evolution of products occurs. Manufacturers come up with a more sophisticated version to address the shortcoming they have discovered on previously manufactured batch.

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Is this scenario applies to electric garage opener? Can this innovation really have the ability to ensure the safety of your home?

The answer is yes. But how?

1. When talking about electric devices, the buyer’s main concern is power failure. The good news is, in times of emergencies or power failure; you can just disconnect the door from the opener so you can operate the door manually. This is referred to as the quick release mechanism.

2. By means of a safety feature to your electronic door called, The Protector System. It projects an invisible light beam across the inside of garage door opening. It automatically reverses the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down even before making contact. Small children and pets will greatly benefit from this feature.

3. Electric garage opener is equipped with an advance technology, a sophisticated “code grabber”. It is your defense against burglars and theft. This device screens any, if not all fabricated codes aiou result.

4. By establishing superior mechanics called, Motor Vibration Isolation System, you can benefit from the latest breakthrough in door opener noise reduction. It is powerful, quiet, and provides smooth-running operation year after year.

5. By adding a keyless entry feature, you can open your garage door without any keys or remote controls. Your personal 4-digit security code will do.

6. By the use of an enhanced mechanism that improves the remote’s technical design. Several years ago, manufacturers were faced with a technical flaw regarding the remote control. The remote’s low frequency signals are powerful enough to interfere with operations of other similar mechanisms. It is actually possible to control the automatic garage located next door using a single remote because of shared frequency. The modern remote prevents individuals from duplicating frequency codes to gain access to one’s garage.

Because of limited spaces in many residential areas, short driveways are now very common. Most garages are open onto the street. Roller garage doors offer a great solution to these safety and space problems. To maximize the benefits of having an electric door opener, roller door is a good option for your modern home. GlideRol-a-door, a type of door, also promotes safety and security to protect your home. It has an aluminum bottom rail that provides unrivalled strength. Hence, these two perfect combinations will help your garage become a fortress against intrusion.

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