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There can be no alternative for balanced diabetic diets. However a few foods could be added to the diet for effectively reducing the blood sugar levels.

Coffee and Cinnamon

Despite the fact that most physicians and dietitians express their concern about balanced diet and workouts to control diabetes, both coffee and cinnamon have proved to be effective in lowering the sugar levels in the physique. They are not magic potions but not useless either for the purpose.

Brown Rice

While white bread converts immediately into blood sugar resulting Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula in a spike, brown rice is digested much more slowly and will cause only a little change in the sugar level. It is therefore advisable to substitute white bread with brown rice.


Oatmeal that is not sweetened can control blood sugar conveniently. It is a carbohydrate but a good one. High is soluble fibers, it digests very slowly and therefore won’t raise the sugar levels quickly. A steady energy source, it also helps weight loss having a lot of fiber that keeps hunger at bay.


Though not as popular as oats, Barley also has a lot of high soluble fiber and helps blood glucose controls. It would be a good practice for controlling blood sugar to substitute boiled pearl barley for rice. Apart from oatmeal and barley, most of the whole grains would be great for controlling sugar.

Spinach, Broccoli and Green Beans

Spinach and green beans are both non starchy vegetables and they are good for controlling blood sugar as they are high in fiber and have low carbohydrate contents. Broccoli is particularly good for people suffering from diabetes. It does not mean that one would totally avoid starchy vegetables like peas, potatoes, corn, lima beans as well as winter squash. They are necessary as nutrients. But one should control the size for maintaining balance.

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