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Most people seem to think that flat belly exercises and abs exercises are the same. They are wrong but it doesn’t mean you can’t get a flat stomach by training 3-4 hours per week. Here are few things you should know if you are serious about getting rid of stomach fat!

Doing one hundred sit ups will only hurt your back, the belly fat won’t disappear. To get a flat belly – exercises have to be done for every muscle in your body. You must be thinking that’s a joke, but it’s completely true. It’s impossible to target the belly fat, unless you are using steroids, so you have to make your body burn the fat faster. By working out on all the muscles you will make your body burn fat faster and you will see results in couple of weeks!

30 minutes, 3 times a week and your stomach will look great. With aerobic exercises your body will burn even when you are sleeping. Jogging is the most known aerobic exercise, but swimming okinawa flat belly tonic is the most effective. Olympic swimmers eat about 10000 calories a day – even more then bodybuilders. I suggest you to go to swimming pool even today. Results are guaranteed!

Last tip – all those flat belly exercises will bring you nowhere until you improve your nutrition. Eating junk and burning belly fat can’t go hand by hand. When I am talking about proper nutrition, I am not taking about eating salads and avoid all the fat foods. You have just to know what to eat to burn more calories. Sounds crazy? Try it!

Combining gym, aerobic exercises and proper nutrition is the fast way to have a flat belly in only few weeks. There are also some very helpful flat belly exercises you don’t know about. Stick with it and the results will come!

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