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Stantonandgreene is a quaint little seaside village in Cumbria, England. It is part of the Norfolk countryside and is on the northern coast of the Cotswolds. The area is often referred to as “The Keys of Moray”. Its history dates back to the Iron and Bronze ages. The Romans also lived in the village of Stantonandgreene along with Norman invaders and they were often called “Druids of Moray”.


Stutely on the approach to the village of Stinton Greene from the south is a picturesque promenade which leads down to the sea. On a clear day you can see the lighthouse and other historical buildings and monuments. There are lots of walks and golf courses for the fun loving people of Stutely. They even have a local pub called “The Jolly Roger” which you can visit and enjoy a pint in its traditional style. There are several Bed and Breakfasts and hotels in Stutely and these can be easily found on the Internet. If you book online you can take advantage of special deals and early bird discounts

Stutely has a large historic center. You can tour Old London, the Priory Church of Saint John the Baptist and the Abbey of St. Tudor. The Roman Road passes through the center of Stutely. The Roman Theatre also exists in this town and you can view it while walking around the center.

Most visitors stay in Stutely until they reach the other towns of Norfolk. Some people stay in the cottage in Stutely. This is a popular tourist destination. “Cottage Stane” as it is known in the town is one of the finest cottages in the area and has excellent views of the surrounding countryside.

There is a railway station in Stutely called “North West Trains”. This is the only station that branches out of the station to the north west. “Harrow” is the closest to the town and is the place where the river Oxenham runs through. There are several ferry rides that are available and they are very interesting.

There is a ferry that leaves the North West Trains station every fifteen minutes. It takes about forty minutes. The longest ferry trip takes one hour and fifteen minutes.

There is a lot of local commerce in the area. There is a general store called “Stane’s General Store”. It is located on The Clog Road. People often buy and sell stane supplies at this store.

There are many places where you can eat in the town of Stutely. There is “The Stane Street Restaurant”. There is a popular fruit parlor called “The Fruits”. People go to the “Alcoves Bar”. This is a dance club that has been running for many years.

“The George Street Theatre” is a great place to go and enjoy a musical evening. You can enjoy great music and a play as well. There is also “The Banner Stand”. It is the oldest theatre in all of England. “The Arts Theatre” is another great place to be.

The best place to shop in Stane’s is in the town centre. You will find a wide variety of shops. There is “The Stane’s Convenience Store”. People come from all over to visit this store. People like to buy car accessories here.

There is also “The George Street Flower Shop”. “The Fountain Centre”. These are all retail outlets. “The Stane’s Electric Station” is a fantastic place for travelers to use to recharge their batteries. There are plenty of bus services available to take you to all of your destinations.

Stane’s is an important part of the Stane’s community. They offer many different types of community events. There are always music festivals. You can also enjoy a family day at the beach during the summer months.

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