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Web Development is the interactive work involved in creating a Website for either the Internet or an intraneting system. Web development may range from creating a simple static HTML page of just plain text to more advanced Web-based applications, complete online businesses, e-commerce systems, and social networking services. It is considered a part of information technology planning. It is mostly used to develop and design websites that are intended for business and commercial purposes.

Web Design or Web Development, What's The Difference?

In addition, web development involves designing the visual aspect and features of the website as well as supporting multimedia content. A front-end developer will program the HTML code into a server so that it can be accessed by other web browsers. A web designer uses scripting languages such as JavaScript and HTML to create the visual aspects of the web pages. They use various stylesheets, images, videos, etc. to establish the appearance of the Web page. Web designers can use different combination of these programming languages and techniques for creating unique, attractive, functional websites Long Island Web Developer.

Web developers are mostly programmers, who have extensive experience in developing websites using a specific programming language. Most common languages used for developing web applications and sites are PHP and Perl. These programming languages are very efficient and flexible. Web developers need to learn these languages since most of the client-side technologies use these languages for developing websites. Web developers play a major role in providing the overall functionality of a Web page by programming the front end applications.

There are many professional organizations that provide training on different types of web development. Web developers learn the different types of technologies needed for building effective and unique websites. They also master different types of frameworks and tools that are needed for building dynamic websites.

The web design and development process involve creating a website using the appropriate programming language. A website using a particular programming language is called a web application. A website using another scripting language (for example, JavaScript) is called a web script. The front-end developer creates the user interface or the visual part of the application and the back-end developer creates the application’s back-end database and other features.

Web developers are responsible for designing user interfaces, database driven applications, graphic designs, content management systems, shopping carts and web hosting. Back end devs implement software applications. Web developers also create scripts that send email, perform marketing campaigns, publish documents, post entries to blogs and news sites, manage corporate social networks and so forth. Web developers have to be highly skilled because websites are constructed rapidly and at various speeds. Web sites are expected to perform continuously and without any glitches for which quality Web design and web development professionals are hired.

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