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Choosing the right orthodontic center can be a daunting task, especially when you want the best care and attention for your family. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to choose a center is by location. An orthodontic center that is close to home makes it very convenient in terms of saving time (limiting your commute also saves on gas). However, cost may be an issue, in addition to family and friend referrals. No one really enjoys going to the dentist or orthodontist, so you want to choose an orthodontic center that provides a comfortable environment with a friendly staff that truly understands your needs. Also, you want an office whose staff is up to date on both the knowledge and tools they use to give you the optimal orthodontic experience over the course of your treatment.

Friendly staff

A friendly staff may be just as important as an expert orthodontist. Often times, the staff may not only greet you, check you in for your scheduled appointment and assist you with making future appointments จัดฟัน, but they also treat and prep you before the orthodontist sees you. At the end of each of your appointments you want a positive, rewarding orthodontic experience.

State-of-the-art technology

Not all orthodontists offer the same products and services. Rather than regular braces, you may be looking to provide your children with Invisalign, Incognito or the revolutionary Damon Braces, depending on the associated costs and your family’s needs. Another concern may be ensuring your orthodontist is up-to-date with the latest information, research and treatment techniques within this specialized orthodontic industry that is constantly changing and evolving.


Word of mouth spreads fast and carries a lot of value – talk to your friends, neighbors and other family members to see who they recommend. What do they like and don’t like about their orthodontic center? Is the price reasonable? You may find yourself making a decision much more quickly and shortening the decision process.

Consider these factors to find an office in which you feel comfortable, safe and welcome so you and your family can all have a pleasant experience throughout your orthodontic treatment. If you’re still in doubt or unsure, don’t worry – call a few offices and schedule an initial exam appointment (as long as it’s free) for a way to preview their office space and meet their staff, or just ask them if you can stop in at some point to check it out and then schedule an appointment from there. This way there are no commitments and you can see for yourself if you would feel comfortable here or not and establish a healthy relationship with your orthodontist.

Do you want to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile? Here at Simon Orthodontic Centers we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in orthodontic care and providing the best possible service to our patients. Our practice boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a caring, professional staff in a friendly, inviting environment.

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