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Do people grow up and blossom? Or are they brought up by somebody else? The general expression is -“I was brought up.”- Especially in the Americas and European continent where we often hear people saying: “I was brought up Christian” or “I was brought up Jewish”, these are very common words and ways that we use to define ourselves, but I think it’s absolutely ridiculous and humiliating that a human being has to be brought up. You can bring up cattle but not a person. A human being is supposed to blossom by his own nature, that is why we are on the top of the pile, at least, on this planet and in evolutionary scale, and most people don’t seem to understand that, or they are not allowed to understand by a whole lot of people; so they need to be “brought up”.

Bringing up means that somebody is molding you, and molding means that it’s a predetermined shape.

No flower that blooms is the same way as another flower which blossomed yesterday. If we apply a mold in the same example of the flowers, it means that it’s always going to be the same form of the flower, over and over again. Right now, that seems to be the same mold technique we generally and unfortunately used in the current education system, the so-called religions that are operating in the world, and of course, the family we have grown on. They all want you to be in a certain mold; they don’t want you to blossom like a wildflower. Because they’re afraid of anything fresh Crimes Against Humanity happening among them, they want something molded and familiar to them, being different or unfamiliar will cause a lot of discomfort among those groups. If you have succumbed to that system, then yes, you’ve been molded into a certain form, but if you allow your humanity to blossom you will see, that you don’t belong to any mold.

The beauty of being human is that there’s no particular way to be: If you were a cat, you would be in one way, if you were a bird, you are going to be in another way, but to be human there is no particular way to be. What is human is not defined, nor described; it seems like nature drew two lines, for every other creature on this planet; within that two lines, creatures have to play their role. But for us humans, only the bottom line it’s drawn, there is no top line; socially, people are trying to draw a top line for themselves, but nature has not drawn a top line for any of us. The possibilities are limitless, and this is exactly what is freaking us, humans, right now, because we can’t decide what we are going to be, as result of that, we are constantly trying to be like somebody else or fake our way of being. Only the bottom line is set, for our constant evolution.

Evolution is such an abstract concept nowadays, but we still understand that there is more than one way to evolve as human beings, could be consciously or unconsciously. To be more playful on this topic I’m going to ask you a question. In your experience of life, do you find all human beings at the same level of evolution?

I asked without prejudice, but with all the respect to every human being, there’re many people who could feel more complete with a tail, horns or sharp claws because they are always trying to find a way to fight one another for the foolish things in the world. You can go out and drive on the street to see what I am talking about; Traffic is such a mess but is messier in other parts of the world. Driving in the Dominican Republic (where I am from) is probably the most challenging thing, I’ve seen people driving their dream cars on emotional edge for the smallest things, and they are in so much rage; even in other countries where the traffic is far more disciplined. I see the same rage, in every second somebody, is getting in your way where I live. Is like people are constantly trying to test their horoscope; if their astrologer has told them -You will live for eighty years- they will test they lifespan by driving like crazy.

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