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One of the most effective tools to use to attract more customers on the web is through online reviews. More than 75% of internet users trust online reviews. They seek them out to help them make buying decisions and to influence their purchasing choices. Reviews are a huge influential feedback tool for prospective customers and clients. Reviews are most often associated with service related industries like hotels, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants or coffee shops; however, any business benefits from testimonials/reviews.

People prefer to do business with those companies that they know others have left feeling satisfied or impressed with the goods, products, or services provided. An online review associated with your company can be a powerful tool for help you move to the top of local search lists. The best way to get customers to slot review your business is to ask them. For some reason, people feel honored to be asked to give feedback for your business, especially your “regulars.” All you have to do is ask but be ready to tell them where to leave feedback. So where do they leave feedback so it works for your business? If you have local search listings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN it is a relatively simple process to direct your patrons there as these are common sites.

There are other sites that are strictly review sites that are growing in popularity both with the public and with the search engines. Some of the more popular review sites are Judy’s Book and Angie’s List. It is good practice in your business to encourage patrons to go to one of these listings and leave feedback. If you are sending a product out to a customer, try adding a link to a review page in their confirmation email. Asking for reviews and feedback is a great way to build trust and rapport with you your clients and customers for you and you brand. It adds not only credibility to your listing and your brand image but it also creates useful fodder for the search engines. So…how do you get those all important reviews? Ask for them!

Shannon is co-author of Get Found Now! Local Search Secrets Exposed: Learn How to Achieve High Rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing and multiple business ebooks. Her books teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the internet to attract new clients.

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