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Now girls and boys we have a story about the Habit.

Habits are invisible creatures that grow in the maze of the magical Synaptic Mind Forest, a very spooky place that’s always growing and changing until it can’t find any more Stimuli, which it feeds on.

Stimuli wander in from the outside and are gobbled up by the Synapses to make more tentacles. They like their tentacles because they can ‘shake hands’ or make contact with other Synapses. When they do this; they get stronger, like a big social network. And that’s good.

The world wide web and internet is a big social network just like the Synapses built, but they did it first. And we couldn’t have done it without them. In fact, we can’t do anything without them. Synapses rule. OK.

Now, the Habits come from the land of Potential (a very, very Synapse xt strange place). When Synapses join up they open the rabbit hole to Potential just a teensy bit. And every time they do, the Habits grow stronger.

Now, Synapses and Habits both have a stupid side to them. They eat any Stimulus that happens to be there. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, they don’t care. So if you put bad Stimuli into your Mind the Habits will grab them and help make the Synapses stronger. And that’s not really wise.

“How come?” you say. That’s a Question and they’re great to have on your side but sometimes hurt when they’re thrown at you. Hit them with an Answer and they go away. Oh look, there’s some sitting on the keyboard so have this one.

Good Habits make life easier by helping you do, or get whatever you want. Get enough of them and they’ll help you achieve anything that is possible. Yes, anything. You know they’re working because life is fulfilling and you feel happy and smile a lot. You also help other people achieve this. The more Stimuli you put in to strengthen the good Habits, the better you make your life. And the lives of those near you change too.

So what is possible? It’s very easy to say – far, far more than you know is possible. Honest. Nobody knows how much is possible.

The bad Habits work the same way and they make you feel good for a little while, but then turn on you to make you feel bad. They’re nasty critters. Some people don’t even get to feel good at all because the bad thinking Habits have taken over the Mind. Good thinking Stimuli don’t get a chance. They may come in but there are not enough of them to make a difference. Some people actually think being unhappy is normal so they make the most of it by feeding Complaints to the Habits.

They continually complain so people get annoyed and don’t want to see them, which is good for them because that’s something else to complain about. People who don’t want to see them sometime complain about them, which is making THEIR bad Habits stronger.

The best idea is to delete them from your life and continue to associate with good Stimuli.

What can we do about this? We can starve the bad Habits and make the good Habits stronger. It’s easy to say but the bad Habits will fight back. The trick is to ignore them. When they come in say, “I know what you’re doing but I don’t want this bad Habit anymore.” That’s when you make a Stimulus for a good Habit. “Thinking makes it so”. Just by thinking about good Habits, you’re making Stimuli for them to grow. The more often you do it, the more effective they are. Keep reinforcing good Habits.

Visualize yourself bashing the bad Habit and turning to the good Habit to shake hands. Good Habits really are your friends.

What form do bad Habits take? Well Habits are invisible until they show themselves. The obvious ones like addiction, aggression are easy to see and come from unresolved conflict. Habits like low self esteem, saying “can’t”, demeaning other people, keeping nasty secrets or wanting to hurt people, and a lot more are slower to recognise but they’re just as bad. The trick is to see them.

Part of an athlete’s practice involves visualizing the event they’re training for. In essence it’s making the act of winning a Habit as much as the physical training. Practice involves repetition until it becomes a strong Habit.

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