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You might think that you have your kissing technique down to a science. After all, you’ve never had any complaints from your partner or even any of your ex’s either, for that matter. What is there to kissing anyhow? Sure you might have been awkward and didn’t know what you were doing when you were a kid but with experience you feel pretty sure that you know how to kiss. Or do you?

Kissing really can be one of the most overlooked and yet most important parts of a relationship. What Michelle Penney’s Kissing 101 hopes to teach the world is basic kissing techniques as well as more advanced techniques and some fun stuff that is sure to enhance your relationship right from the get go.

If you are unsure of how to kiss or maybe you wonder if your partner really likes the way you kiss then perhaps it’s time for some tutoring. Of course, if you tried to hire a tutor to teach you how to kiss your partner might have some problems with this. The next best thing would be to get some good advice from an expert in the field, namely Michelle Penney. As a matter of fact, even those that feel that they really know what they’re doing and consider themselves kissing experts might be surprised by some of the basic tips and techniques in Kissing 101. For most of us kissing is something that we really don’t think about and when it is shown to us or discussed it can often bring to light some important things that we might have been missing out on over the years. Does that make sense?

Or perhaps you have found that special someone and you really want to knock their socks off with that first kiss. Maybe they are that important to you that you don’t want to leave anything to 918kiss chance and you want that first kiss to be perfect and special and, of course, you want them to want to come back for more! Maybe you want to know everything that there possibly is to know about French kissing or how to really turn your partner on when you’re making out by expanding your kissing geography but you’re not sure of where and when. Relax! Michelle Penney goes over all of this and more in Kissing 101… and you’ll even get some tips on how to practice kissing if you don’t have anyone to practice with. Who does anyhow? Although that might be a great pickup line!

One of the neat things that many people liked about Michelle Penney’s Kissing 101 was the detail that Michelle Penney went into along with exercises that you can do to practice without feeling weird and illustrations to show you exactly what she is talking about. Others really liked the fun way that Michelle explains everything and her enthusiasm definitely comes out in her book. This woman loves her work and it shows in not only her writing style but also the valuable advice that she gives in Kissing 101.

Others enjoyed and found the advanced techniques and tips very interesting and said that they discovered fun and erotic things that they could do with their partner that they had never even thought of. Things that enhanced the passion and intimacy between them and their partner using the unique tips offered by Michelle Penney in Kissing 101; fun activities involving things like ice cubes and different kissing games you can play with your partner.

But is Kissing 101 for everyone? Not necessarily. I am sure that there are people out there that have their kissing technique down and have little need for information on how to actually kiss, although they might have some fun with some of the more advanced techniques and ideas. But basically, Michelle Penney wrote Kissing 101 for those of us that are nervous about kissing, those who want to learn more and those of us who aren’t natural born passionate kissers. Yes, there are quite a few of them out there and if you doubt it just ask a woman if she ever went out with a guy that didn’t know how to kiss. Don’t let this be you! Learn how to kiss. It might be one of the most useful and practical skills that you ever learn in your life.

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