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Boots have always been a big part of the fashion scene but one that has taken the fashion world by storm is quite surprising considering the down to earth industrial look. The Hunter Wellengton boots especially the black hunter boots, are all the rage in the fashion world today. It looks like this trend is going to stick for a while.

Hunter Wellies, the name used frequently, are not a new brand at all, just a new trend setting statement. The brand has been around since 1856. These original rain boots were made to last and were used as working boots that could endure any climate condition. Primarily farmers and stable workers wore them.

It wasn’t until recently when a number of celebrities were caught on camera strutting around in these rain boots that everyone flocked to stores to achieve this look. The most coveted look 토토사이트 being a pair of these glossy knee high boots worn with a trendy mini skirt or pair of shorts. In fact Glamour magazine named these shoes as one of the “must have” footwear of the year.

What is the appeal of these boots? It is the rare combination of style and comfort. These boots are made for walking, unlike other shoes that look glamorous but make it a challenge to walk in. Boots that are practical enough to walk in mud, rain or snow plus look fabulous is a rare treat for women.

The Hunter brand of course has taken notice and extended its look from the original standard rain boots to more exciting looks in patent leather, suede, sheepskin and lace ups. This gives anyone the choice to pick a style and desired look that is fitting to them. The logo is always displayed boldly somewhere on the shoe to mark the brand. Working in collaboration with famous designer Jimmy Choo, has only given the brand more clout.

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