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The dark skies reflected my mood, the night before had felt like a bad dream. But it wasn’t, reality sunk in and I realized today that she was gone. The fight at dinner and the public embarrassment from the loud argument and her running out of the restaurant, sent the anger rushing back. I could not believe she was dumped me like that, she said she needed to take a break, but it wasn’t me it was her! This had to be the worst breakup line ever!!

We had been fighting lately but I thought it was a rough patch since we had been together for several years, we were bound to have hiccups right? We’d loved each other, so how did I not see this coming? I was always seen as a perceptive guy by friends and family, why hadn’t I seen this coming. The worst thing was that I really wanted to be with her in spite of what we had said last night. Apart of me knew that we were meant to be together. But this is a mess, were there secrets she had that caused this? Could there be vital information to help me fix this? This hope is what I held onto, I forced myself to remember the good times, and made a decision to see how I could sharpen my perception. Several conversations later Vitalflow and three days of research on the internet gave me some new in sites which I want to share with you, if you find yourself craving to have the one you love back. Timing is everything so it is so important that you work quickly but you have to be smart, the last thing I wanted to do was to jeopardize my chances to get her to come back to me. Here are three things I did picked up which were eye openers to me, these are must haves in vital tips!

1. Be Available, but Careful

This is so important! You MUST be careful, the last thing you want to do is to scare her away, but she needs to see that you are around on occasion! Show availability but not obsession, you know her schedule better than anyone, use this to your advantage, be in places where she is, i.e. her favorite coffee shop. When the opportunity arises, say hello and smile. No matter what you are feeling on the inside! Look happy to see her! Keep the conversation on pleasant topics and keep the conversation short.

2. Choose What to Change

If you are like me, probably one of the reasons she left is because she wanted to see something change. Make changes, easier said than done, but if you were fighting over your eating habits make better choices. Trust me when you see her around, she will notice.

3. Jealousy?

Jealousy can be a tactic, and I did take that into consideration, but the more things I read showed me that this would be a bad idea. My track record reminded me of the additional problems it would create, I wanted to bring her to me, but this could backfire easily. This was so hard, I really wanted to be with her. I even contemplated getting together with an old friend who would take me back even if it was just for a few nights . But I had to be strong, and it worked, we are together!!

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