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Hunters are a heck of a class when it comes to dealing out high levels of DPS in a raiding environment. They can lock onto their targets and pour out shots in epic volumes, and bang for buck, they reach higher ranged DPS than any other class. But, it doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to practice and develop an effective shot rotation and get the right balance of necessary steps into place before you do anything in a raid and even then, if your gear and consumables aren’t right, you’re still not going to get the numbers you should be looking for. That’s where a Hunter PvE Guide comes into play.

What Can a Hunter PvE Guide Really Do?

Unlike most other classes, the Hunter is a class that has just one role in a raid. It sits back and shoots as many arrows as possible into its target without letting up, save for when agro becomes an issue. A good안전토토사이트 Hunter should be able to maximize their DPS output to the highest possible levels given the gear they have access to.

For that reason, a Hunter PvE Guide focus largely on how to get those numbers out of your hunter. It will show you where to get your gear, what numbers to focus on (in this case it’s Agility and Attack Power since Armor Penetration has been nerfed), and how to get everything to line up properly.

When you manage to get all those things in place, the Hunter PvE Guide should then talk to you about how you can maximize your efficiency in a raid by grabbing the right consumables and requesting the right buffs from your fellow raiders.

The last thing your Hunter PvE Guide should do is tell you exactly what your shot rotations should be. Most Hunters will spec as Marksman in the current builds, though some will still go with Beastmaster to counter the mana problems that the Marksman have. In either case, a good Hunter PvE Guide needs to discuss the ideal shot rotation for that build and how it will integrate effectively into your raiding style.

If your guide can do that and you can adjust how you play the game to match those recommendations, you can quickly become one of the truly elite Hunters who is able to hold up incredibly high levels of DPS in a raid, regardless of which encounter you are in. When you can do this, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the best around at blasting your opponents out of the water.

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